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The Moon and her Voyeur (excerpt)

*inspired by Istanbul by Garabet Yazmaciyan, written for The Ekphrastic Review.

you watched her every night, casting 
eyes like a fishing line on her form; first a sliver
Then a half, three-quarters. now, while she’s 
pregnant, rotund, swollen-bellied, full.
and her blood spills light over the horizon. 

She cannot cry in pain, she can only squeeze
 the fabric of the sky. Watch it happen, voyeur– 
you’re Alice, peering through the looking glass. Or 
a furtive-eyed peeping tom, eyes flickering
to and away from her plight 
like candle-lights in the dark. 

read the full piece at The Ekphrastic Review (see published responses for Garabet Yazmaciyan’s ‘Istanbul)

authors note:

I’ve been working a lot more on my poetry recently, and I’m genuinely honored it paid off like this– The Ekphrastic Review is a journal devoted to publishing writing inspired by visual art. I’m pretty into art as well as writing, which is why it caught my eye to begin with. Every two weeks, they release paintings as prompts to inspire writing pieces and publish a select set of responses.

You can find more information about them here

on another note, I’m sorry I haven’t posted recently (If anyone noticed LOL) I didn’t forget about this site, but if I’m being honest I haven’t really written too much for myself recently. I think I got really overwhelmed by all the external validation I received, and I started to lose focus. I’ve gotten back in my groove though, and I look forward to improving and learning more about writing better poetry and prose as time goes bye.

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